Nature at its best

The above pictures were taken by my mom at home the one evening here in Johannesburg, South Africa

My mom took the above pictures the one day at work


Colors of our neighborhood part 1

My mom and i were going to town a few weeks back to buy me a pair of shoes for college and we took these awesome pics.
I will be posting them over the next couple of posts. We took these pictures with my moms Vodaphone SmarTab and her cheap phone. Imagine what we could do with real equipment. Please follow and like if you want to see more

Just a Fruit Tree

My landlord has this fruit tree growing in his garden and little did we know that it would create picture perfect opportunities.I took these with my moms vodaphone smart tab 3G.

Birds Nests

My mom was having lunch at work when she saw this tree with all the birds nests in it and some birds. She decided to take a picture for me for my blog. She took this picture using her normal cellphone.

She loves to take pictures of nature.