Watch “Graffiti in Africa” on YouTube

My mother put together this awesome video of all the graffiti pictures I have taken while out and about in South Africa. I think this grafitti is amazing and I wanted to share it. The video that my mother put together is really good. Please check it out. Like us, follow us so that you don’t miss out as we take you around the best scenes and Views in Johannesburg, South Africa.She has also has put together some other amazing photography videos of Africa that I will be sharing soon.


Braai Day

Today was my moms day off work so after grocery shopping we had a braai.We made roasted veg with butternut, sweet potato, beetroot, red onion and mild chilli spice. The meat we had was boerewors and I added cheese on top.

Birds Nests

My mom was having lunch at work when she saw this tree with all the birds nests in it and some birds. She decided to take a picture for me for my blog. She took this picture using her normal cellphone.

She loves to take pictures of nature.

African Sunset

This was the sky by our house last night.It had so many different colors and looked really amazing.

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Home Living

We took this picture of one of the houses where we live.

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